Capitol Steps - Fiscal Shades of Gray

Capitol Steps - Fiscal Shades of Gray
Recording Date: 2012 - 2013
Artist: Capitol Steps
Duration: 55:31
Release Date: July, 2013
Album: Fiscal Shades of Gray
Styles: Comedy
Recording Location: International Trade Center Amphitheater, Washington D.C.; Muddy Hole Studios; Ronald Reagan Building
Genre: Comedy\Spoken
Embattled Hymn of the Republicans / Bari Biern / Evan Casey / Kevin Corbett / Tracey StephensCapitol Steps2:06
Greece! The Musical / Evan Casey / Jenny Corbett / Kevin CorbettCapitol Steps4:59
Twinkie Twinkie / Ann Johnson / Mike ThorntonCapitol Steps1:24
Secret Service Man / Evan Casey / Corey HarrisCapitol Steps1:54
I'm Just a Pill / Felicia Curry / Nancy DolliverCapitol Steps2:46
Down the Road Again / Brian Ash / Kevin CorbettCapitol Steps2:04
I Like Big Bucks / Richard Paul / Jack Rowles / Mike ThorntonCapitol Steps2:51
Modern Major General Disaster / Jenny Corbett / Janet Davidson Gordon / Jamie ZemarelCapitol Steps2:27
One Joke Over the Line / Mike Carruthers / Matt Pearson / Jack RowlesCapitol Steps5:38
Justice Roberts / Brian AshCapitol Steps1:46
Binders Full of Women / Brad Van GrackCapitol Steps2:03
Harpin' Bout the GSA / Delores King WilliamsCapitol Steps1:55
Al Gore-Zeera / Mike TilfordCapitol Steps3:44
New York Soda CSI / Richard PaulCapitol Steps1:58
Rolling Kidney Stones / Kevin Corbett / Jack Rowles / Ann Margaret SchmittCapitol Steps4:04
The Blame Game / Evan Casey / Kevin Corbett / Matt Pearson / Jack RowlesCapitol Steps2:20
The Pope's First Tweet / Jenny Corbett / Mike TilfordCapitol Steps1:00
Gay Dream Believer / Jon Bell / Evan CaseyCapitol Steps1:34
Sunni Side of Tikrit / Morgan DuncanCapitol Steps2:42
Lirty Dies: Peneral Getraeus, Ance Larmstrong and the Sporld of Worts / Mike TilfordCapitol Steps6:16

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