Sirocco - Australian Voyage: Folk-Rock Symphony

Sirocco - Australian Voyage: Folk-Rock Symphony
Artist: Sirocco
Duration: 48:58
Release Date: 1995
Album: Australian Voyage: Folk-Rock Symphony
Styles: Contemporary Instrumental, World Fusion
Genre: International

This Australian quartet combines Celtic, Mid-Eastern, Asian, and Aboriginal influences along with progressive arrangements to produce a unique blend of world music. Ex-Blowzabella member Bill O'Toole provides the Celtic touches with whistles and bagpipes while Guy Madigan alternates between Asian and Mid-Eastern percussives. Andrew de Teliga is responsible for Sirocco's progressive rock inclinations with his electric guitar, violin, and keyboard playing, and Paul Koerbin adds to the eclectic mix an array of baroque instruments like psaltery, recorders, crumhorn, and lute.

Sunrise / Andrew DeTeligaSirocco3:59
Shadows / Andrew DeTeliga / Paul KoerbinSirocco3:57
Carnivale / Paul KoerbinSirocco4:54
Anemurium Necropolis / Paul KoerbinSirocco3:22
Zorla / Paul KoerbinSirocco4:20
Vigil / Andrew DeTeliga / Paul KoerbinSirocco5:35
Foothills / Andrew DeTeligaSirocco2:34
Mountain / Andrew DeTeligaSirocco4:02
Processional / Andrew DeTeligaSirocco2:48
Wind and Water / Andrew DeTeligaSirocco2:13
Tall Ships - Departure / Andrew DeTeligaSirocco2:00
Storm / Andrew DeTeligaSirocco3:01
Pacific Dawn / Andrew DeTeligaSirocco2:37
Tall Ships - Arrival / Andrew DeTeligaSirocco3:36

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