Mark Boals - Ring of Fire

Mark Boals - Ring of Fire
Artist: Mark Boals
Duration: 53:50
Release Date: February 13, 2001
Album: Ring of Fire
Styles: Heavy Metal, Neo-Classical Metal
Recording Location: Paramount Recording Studios, Hollywood CA
Genre: Pop\Rock

A recording before it was officially a band, Ring of Fire is ex-Yngwie Malmsteen vocalist Mark Boals' second release under his own name. Fans of Malmsteen will not be disappointed to find that Boals sticks to the exact formula that made him one of the most popular falsetto screamers in the neo-classical metal genre. In fact, this recording was released on the same day as Malmsteen's War to End All Wars, on which Boals provides the lead vocals. While this style of music faded as quickly as it appeared in the early to mid-'80s, it remained popular in Japan. Boals assembled an all-star band for this session, with veteran guitar shredder Tony MacAlpine, keyboard whiz Vitalij Kuprij, and drumming superstar Virgil Donati. Unfortunately, the assembled talent does not offer anything that hasn't been heard before. There are surely those dedicated fans who will find enough subtleties here to make this a worthwhile investment, but the casual fan will find this to be a rehashing of '80s Malmsteen. Of note, the Japanese version contains a bonus track, "Nessun Dorma," with Boals making a respectable attempt at opera.

Ring of Fire / Mark Boals / Tony MacAlpineMark Boals4:01
Atlantis / Mark Boals / Vitalij KuprijMark Boals7:33
Bringer of Pain / Mark Boals / Tony MacAlpineMark Boals4:04
Betrayer / Mark BoalsMark Boals3:38
Keeper of the Flame / Mark BoalsMark Boals4:59
The Hunted / Mark BoalsMark Boals3:19
The Quest / Mark BoalsMark Boals4:11
Dreamer / Mark Boals / Tony MacAlpineMark Boals6:11
Death Row / Mark Boals / Tony MacAlpineMark Boals3:42
Alone / Mark Boals / Tony MacAlpineMark Boals5:17
Battle of the Titan / Mark Boals / Tony MacAlpineMark Boals3:30
Nessun DormaMark Boals3:25

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