Ponty Bone - Fantasize

Ponty Bone - Fantasize
Artist: Ponty Bone
Duration: 47:14
Release Date: August 14, 2001
Album: Fantasize
Styles: Cajun, North American Traditions
Recording Location: Eugene Brown's Studio, Austin, TX; Flashpoint Studio; Parrot Tracks Studio
Genre: International

A master of melding genres ranging from Texas blues to Cajun to soul to Tejano, it takes little time for Ponty Bone to get into his realm on the infectious "Baby U Got It (Spin the Top)." Mixing accordion with saxophone, the song instantly hits a nerve with the listener. With a large ensemble supporting each song, the album maintains a level of cohesiveness, although a few songs break little new sonic ground, particularly "Ain't Got No Sweet Thing." There's also a hint of old rock & roll in the delivery on "Me, Myself & I," resembling Fats Domino in his heyday. What is especially intriguing is how two of the three instrumentals should be the catalyst for a more upbeat feeling bordering on rowdiness. But with the exception of "Clifton's Boogie," most tend to stagger along at a very leisurely pace. A reggae beat is also added in the title track, having the desired effect and a perfect spot in the song order. On the album's liner notes, Flaco Jimenez describes the music as "soul accordion," which seems a very fitting description. Although lacking a bit of jump, the album still jives.

Now's the Time (Do What You Do Best) / Ponty BonePonty Bone5:01
Baby, U Got It (Spin the Top)Ponty Bone3:56
Ain't Got No Sweet Thing / Blaze FoleyPonty Bone3:29
Midnight Sun / Sonny Burke / Lionel Hampton / Johnny MercerPonty Bone4:13
Me, Myself & I / Ponty BonePonty Bone4:15
I Must Be Dreaming / Spencer JarmonPonty Bone3:58
Macumba / Ponty BonePonty Bone4:10
Fantasize / Ponty BonePonty Bone3:23
Just Like Home / Ponty BonePonty Bone4:13
Clifton's Boogie / Ponty BonePonty Bone3:38
Louisiana Lisa / Ponty BonePonty Bone3:12
Baby, You Know / Ponty BonePonty Bone3:46

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