UNKLE - Self Defence

UNKLE - Self Defence
Recording Date: September, 2004
Artist: UNKLE
Duration: 05:05:59
Release Date: September 12, 2006
Album: Self Defence
Styles: Ambient Breakbeat, Electronica, Trip-Hop, Alternative Dance, Alternative/Indie Rock
Genre: Electronic

UNKLE's critically acclaimed 2004 release, NEVER, NEVER, LAND, was a floating party of trippy, intricate dance tunes presided over by UNKLE's James Lavelle, and guest-starring enough luminaries to choke an ox. That album gets an expansive remix treatment on this four-CD set. Remixers include artists like Metro Area's Morgan Geist, Evil 9, RJD2, and Way Out West, and the results are an impressive mosaic of production approaches that open up an already mind-blowing recording.

Burn My ShadowUNKLE11:53
Burn My ShadowUNKLE8:26
Burn My ShadowUNKLE7:31
What Are You to Me?/Petter-These Days / Petter NordkvistUNKLE9:22
Eye for an Eye / B. StrongUNKLE8:27
Eye for an Eye / B. StrongUNKLE8:31
Eye for an Eye / B. StrongUNKLE7:50
Eye for an Eye / B. StrongUNKLE9:32
In a StateUNKLE6:05

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