Miles Davis - Complete Savoy and Dial Recordings

Miles Davis - Complete Savoy and Dial Recordings
Recording Date: November 26, 1945 - September 24, 1948
Artist: Miles Davis
Duration: 02:08:05
Release Date: October 17, 2000
Album: Complete Savoy and Dial Recordings
Styles: Bop, Jazz Instrument, Trumpet Jazz
Genre: Jazz

The people behind the Definitive Classics reissue label want you to become more familiar with classic early modern jazz. They also have a habit of issuing the same body of works more than once under different musicians' names. Case in point: the Complete Savoy and Dial Recordings of Miles Davis is almost entirely composed of material from sessions led by Charlie Parker. The exception would be the Miles Davis All-Stars (including Charlie Parker!) recorded on August 14, 1947; this was the trumpeter's very first session as a leader, and he was able to achieve it largely on the strength of his association with Yardbird Parker.

Combining the Charlie Parker/Miles Davis Savoy and Dial recordings is a good idea, and the cumulative effect of 44 classic bop sides is positively intoxicating, if you're susceptible to such things. Just be aware that if you already have the Charlie Parker Savoy and Dial recordings, you have everything that's been compiled onto this Definitive survey of early Miles Davis.

Billie's Bounce / Charlie ParkerMiles Davis3:15
Now's the Time / Charlie ParkerMiles Davis3:19
Thriving on a Riff / Charlie ParkerMiles Davis2:58
Moose the Mooche / Charlie ParkerMiles Davis3:08
Yardbird Suite / Charlie ParkerMiles Davis3:01
Ornithology / Benny Harris / Charlie ParkerMiles Davis3:05
A Night in Tunisia / Dizzy Gillespie / Frank PaparelliMiles Davis3:09
Donna Lee / Charlie ParkerMiles Davis2:35
Chasin' the Bird / Charlie ParkerMiles Davis2:46
Cheryl / Charlie ParkerMiles Davis3:00
Buzzy / Charlie ParkerMiles Davis2:31
Milestones / Miles DavisMiles Davis2:38
Little Willie Leaps / Miles DavisMiles Davis2:51
Half Nelson / Miles DavisMiles Davis2:45
Sippin' at Bells / Miles DavisMiles Davis2:24
Dexterity / Charlie ParkerMiles Davis3:05
Bongo Bop / Charlie ParkerMiles Davis2:50
Dewey Square / Charlie ParkerMiles Davis3:13
The Hymn / Charlie ParkerMiles Davis2:37
Bird of Paradise / Charlie ParkerMiles Davis3:15
Embraceable You / George Gershwin / Ira GershwinMiles Davis3:29
Bird Feathers / Charlie ParkerMiles Davis2:57
Klact-Oveeseds-Tene / Charlie ParkerMiles Davis3:08

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