Jefferson Airplane - VH1 Behind the Music: The Jefferson Airplane Collection

Jefferson Airplane - VH1 Behind the Music: The Jefferson Airplane Collection
Recording Date: November 3, 1966 - 1989
Artist: Jefferson Airplane
Duration: 01:13:11
Release Date: September 12, 2000
Album: VH1 Behind the Music: The Jefferson Airplane Collection
Styles: Folk-Rock, Psychedelic/Garage, Adult Contemporary, Album Rock, Arena Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock
Genre: Pop\Rock

This compilation chronicles the history of Jefferson Airplane/Starship as seen on the VH1 Behind the Music series. This is the first CD to encapsulate the band as it morphed between its three phases with the only consistency being the vocals of Grace Slick. These 18 tracks start with 1967's summer of love anthems "Somebody to Love" and "White Rabbit," then move into the decadent '70s haze of "Miracles" and "With Your Love," and conclude with the '80s glossy pop/ballads "We Built This City," "Sara," and "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now." Fans of one particular incarnation of the band may find parts of this nauseating or outdated, depending on where they stand. For better or worse, the band constantly evolved throughout three decades, unlike other mega superstar groups that gained prominence at the same time.

Somebody to Love / Darby Slick / Grace SlickJefferson Airplane3:00
White Rabbit / Grace SlickJefferson Airplane2:35
Comin' Back to Me / Marty BalinJefferson Airplane5:23
Embryonic Journey / Jorma KaukonenJefferson Airplane1:56
Crown of Creation / Paul KantnerJefferson Airplane2:56
Volunteers / Marty Balin / Paul KantnerJefferson Airplane2:05
Miracles / Marty BalinJefferson Airplane feat: Jefferson Starship6:54
With Your Love / Marty Balin / Joey Covington / V. Jeffrey SmithJefferson Airplane feat: Jefferson Starship3:37
Count on Me / Jesse Barish / Jim Payne / Lucky Peterson / Don ReidJefferson Airplane feat: Jefferson Starship3:17
Runaway / Nicholas DeweyJefferson Airplane feat: Jefferson Starship5:24
Jane / Craig Chaquico / David Freiberg / Paul Kantner / Jim McPhersonJefferson Airplane feat: Jefferson Starship4:14
Be My Lady / Jeannette Sears / Pete SearsJefferson Airplane feat: Jefferson Starship3:53
No Way Out / Ina Wolf / Peter WolfJefferson Airplane feat: Starship4:25
We Built This City / Dennis Lambert / Martin Page / Bernie Taupin / Peter WolfJefferson Airplane feat: Starship4:56
Sara / Ina Wolf / Peter WolfJefferson Airplane feat: Starship4:55
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now / Albert Hammond / Diane WarrenJefferson Airplane feat: Starship4:31
It's Not Over ('Til It's Over) / Phil Galdston / Robbie Nevil / John Van TongerenJefferson Airplane feat: Starship4:19
It's Not Enough / Tommy Funderburk / Martin PageJefferson Airplane feat: Starship4:51

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