Andrew Gold - Whirlwind

Andrew Gold - Whirlwind
Artist: Andrew Gold
Duration: 54:34
Release Date: 1980
Album: Whirlwind
Styles: Contemporary Pop/Rock, Soft Rock
Genre: Pop\Rock

The hits were not forthcoming with the release of Whirlwind. This album came and went in nearly the blink of an eye, and not much else was heard from Andrew Gold's once-promising solo career for a long time.

Kiss This One Goodbye / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold4:04
Whirlwind / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold4:18
Sooner or Later / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold3:35
Leave Her Alone / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold3:33
Little Company / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold4:19
Brand New Face / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold4:44
Nine to Five / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold4:08
Stranded on the Edge / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold4:09
Make Up Your Mind / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold5:09
Gambler / Kenny EdwardsAndrew Gold3:51
Endless Flight / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold5:18
The In Crowd / Bill PageAndrew Gold6:01
Traffic JamAndrew Gold1:25

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