Heavenly Music Corporation - Lunar Phase

Heavenly Music Corporation - Lunar Phase
Recording Date: March, 1994 - October, 1994
Artist: Heavenly Music Corporation
Duration: 57:30
Release Date: 1995
Album: Lunar Phase
Styles: Ambient
Recording Location: Silent Studios, San Francisco, CA
Genre: Electronic

The most ambitious of Cascone's HMC albums, Lunar Phase is also the most successful, fusing thick, echoing textures with shimmering melodic lines and subtle, largely beatless rhythms. Composed in part for broadcast on the Japanese ambient satellite/radio station St. Giga, the album is a solid, consistently high-quality work.

Energy Portal / Kim CasconeHeavenly Music Corporation11:13
Seafloor Starlight / Kim CasconeHeavenly Music Corporation10:19
Lunar Phase / Kim CasconeHeavenly Music Corporation6:35
St. Giga / Kim CasconeHeavenly Music Corporation11:52
Nautilus / Kim CasconeHeavenly Music Corporation6:30
Cloudless Light / Kim CasconeHeavenly Music Corporation4:47
Orgone / Kim CasconeHeavenly Music Corporation6:14

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