Mumia Abu-Jamal - Spoken Word

Mumia Abu-Jamal - Spoken Word
Recording Date: August 16, 1993 - August 30, 1997
Artist: Mumia Abu-Jamal
Duration: 58:18
Release Date: October 14, 1997
Album: Spoken Word
Styles: Spoken Word
Recording Location: Greene State Correctional Institute, Waynesburg, PA; Huntingdon State Prison, Huntingdon, PA; NYU, New York, NY; Offices Of Alternative Tentacles Records, San Francisco, CA; Studios Of Radio Havana, Cuba
Genre: Comedy\Spoken

Cold-blood cop killer or political prisoner? You're free to make the call, although this necessarily self-serving album of Mumia's musings on his years on death row (plus tributes from the likes of Allen Ginsberg and label head Jello Biafra) is unlikely to change anybody's mind. The former journalist is, nonetheless, on the evidence here, an eloquent writer and a gripping speaker who provides riveting takes on the death penalty, life on death row ("the fastest growing public housing tract in America"), and corporate control of the media. As for the music, there's some ambient stuff plus a few tracks of extremely angry punk noise.

A Bright Shining HellMumia Abu-Jamal3:15
A Message to MumiaMumia Abu-Jamal3:26
A House Is Not a HomeMumia Abu-Jamal3:27
May 13th RememberedMumia Abu-Jamal4:14
Father HungerMumia Abu-Jamal5:25
Black AugustMumia Abu-Jamal4:45
Legalized CrimeMumia Abu-Jamal3:01
Diversity on the AirwavesMumia Abu-Jamal2:42
The Freedom to WriteMumia Abu-Jamal0:39
Statement / Jello BiafraMumia Abu-Jamal0:59
The Depth of Our Courage / Assata ShakurMumia Abu-Jamal0:42
Who Is Not on Death RowMumia Abu-Jamal0:32
AlignmentMumia Abu-Jamal feat: Man Is the Bastard2:07
InfiltratorMumia Abu-Jamal feat: Man Is the Bastard6:58
Fusing Skull and AnvilMumia Abu-Jamal feat: Man Is the Bastard8:05
SubterfugeMumia Abu-Jamal feat: Man Is the Bastard8:01

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