Jerry Vale - Same Old Moon

Jerry Vale - Same Old Moon
Artist: Jerry Vale
Duration: 01:08:58
Release Date: February 23, 1999
Album: Same Old Moon
Styles: Traditional Pop, Vocal Pop
Genre: Vocal
The Same Old Moon / Ervin Drake / Al FrischJerry Vale3:31
Magic Is the Moonlight / María Mendez Grever / Charles PasqualeJerry Vale2:43
In the Chapel in the Moonlight / Billy HillJerry Vale3:15
Moonlight Becomes You / Johnny Burke / James Van HeusenJerry Vale3:43
Give Me the Moonlight, Give Me the Girl (And Leave the Rest to Me) / Lewis Brown / Albert Von TilzerJerry Vale3:18
A Strawberry Moon (In a Blueberry Sky)Jerry Vale2:19
The Moon Is My PillowJerry Vale2:35
Heaven Drops Her Curtain DownJerry Vale2:42
How High the Moon / Nancy Hamilton / Morgan LewisJerry Vale3:22
This Is the Night / Lewis Bellin / Ray EvansJerry Vale3:00
No Moon at All / Redd Evans / Dave MannJerry Vale2:50
Moonglow / Eddie DeLange / Will Hudson / Irving MillsJerry Vale3:13
It's Magic / Sammy Cahn / Jule StyneJerry Vale2:42
Tears (For Souvenirs)Jerry Vale2:56
Big Wide World / Teddy RandazzoJerry Vale2:38
Be Anything (But Be Mine) / M. GordonJerry Vale2:52
Is It Asking Too Much?Jerry Vale2:59
My Melancholy Baby / Ernie Burnett / George NortonJerry Vale3:28
For MeJerry Vale2:39
AshamedJerry Vale2:14
My Prayer / Georges Boulanger / Jimmy KennedyJerry Vale3:09
Red Sails in the Sunset / Jimmy Kennedy / Hugh WilliamsJerry Vale2:00
If It Isn't in Your HeartJerry Vale2:19
Solitude / Eddie DeLange / Duke Ellington / Irving MillsJerry Vale2:31

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