The Verna Cannon - Movie Star Faces

The Verna Cannon - Movie Star Faces
Artist: The Verna Cannon
Duration: 43:48
Release Date: April 25, 2000
Album: Movie Star Faces
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Heavy Metal, Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Dream Pop
Recording Location: Favenue Studio; The jam Room
Genre: Pop\Rock

The Verna Cannon's debut album Movie Star Faces introduces their poignant, folk-tinged indie rock. Pretty, just-rolled-out-of-bed tunes like "In a While" and "Softly Slaying Dragons" make the most of Molly Ledford's sweet, rich voice, and plaintive fiddles deepen the melancholy of "Suspended in the Sky" and "Nice Cup of Tea." Indeed, much of Movie Star Faces is so gently, shyly sad that it tends to blur together and recede into the background, but "Little Mice and Rabbits" and the title track are some of the album's other standout tracks. A solid, promising debut, Movie Star Faces hints at the affecting levels the Verna Cannon might reach.

In a WhileThe Verna Cannon4:04
Expecting an AnswerThe Verna Cannon4:01
A Whisper OutThe Verna Cannon4:58
Softly Slaying DragonsThe Verna Cannon3:39
Suspended in the SkyThe Verna Cannon5:33
Little Mice and RabbitsThe Verna Cannon4:17
Lucky ShoesThe Verna Cannon5:18
Nice Cup of TeaThe Verna Cannon4:03
Ocean in My EarsThe Verna Cannon3:53
Movie Star FacesThe Verna Cannon4:02

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