Ramin Djawadi - Clash of the Titans [2010 Soundtrack]

Ramin Djawadi - Clash of the Titans [2010 Soundtrack]
Artist: Ramin Djawadi
Duration: 01:15:33
Release Date: April 12, 2010
Album: Clash of the Titans [2010 Soundtrack]
Styles: Film Music, Original Score, Soundtracks
Recording Location: Air Lyndhurst, London UK
Genre: Classical

Composer Ramin Djawadi's score for director Louis Leterrier's 2010 reboot of the 1982 Greek mythology epic Clash of the Titans sounds exactly as one would expect from an artist nurtured by Hans Zimmer. While the opening cut, a dark electronic/orchestral pop collaboration with Massive Attack's Neil Davidge and sultry Danish vocalist Tina Dico, shows promise (imagine a dark fantasy version of a James Bond title sequence), what follows could be superimposed over nearly any other film in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. Short heroic themes, deafening percussion, and appropriately swelling brass abound, but the whole affair ultimately remains there up on the screen, waiting to be called upon again and again and again, just like the Kraken.

The Storm That Brought Me to You / Neil Davidge / Tina Dico / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi4:50
Clash of the Titans
There Is a God in You / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi1:39
Perseus / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi6:34
You Can't Hide from Hades / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi3:30
Medusa / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi4:07
Scorpiox / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi3:24
Argos / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi1:54
You Fall, You Die / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi1:14
Written in the Stars / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi2:55
Pegasus / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi2:22
Bring Everything (But the Owl) / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi1:48
Killed by a God / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi1:51
Djinn / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi1:57
Eyes Down / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi4:19
You Were Saved for a Reason / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi1:20
Redemption Through Blood / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi2:16
I Have Everything I Need / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi3:17
King Acrisius / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi2:27
It's Expensive Where You're Going / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi2:51
Be My Weapon / Neil DavidgeRamin Djawadi10:09
Clash of the Titans
The Best of Both / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi1:30
Release the Kraken / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi6:03
It's Almost Human of You / Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi3:16

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