Lis Addison - The Song of the Tree

Lis Addison - The Song of the Tree
Artist: Lis Addison
Duration: 54:26
Release Date: 2008
Album: The Song of the Tree
Recording Location: Singing Tree Studio, San Rafael, CA
Genre: Pop\Rock
Tree Crown / Lis AddisonLis Addison8:04
Indigo Dragonfly / Lis AddisonLis Addison7:46
Blue Song / Lis AddisonLis Addison7:31
Heart Beats / Lis AddisonLis Addison7:14
Solar Winds / Lis AddisonLis Addison8:15
Changing Waters / Lis AddisonLis Addison7:57
Snake Root / Lis AddisonLis Addison7:39

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