The Cathedrals - Live in Chicago

The Cathedrals - Live in Chicago
Recording Date: March 16, 1996
Artist: The Cathedrals
Duration: 01:03:53
Release Date: 2012
Album: Live in Chicago
Styles: Gospel
Recording Location: Moody Church, Chicago, IL
Genre: Religious
IntroductionThe Cathedrals1:33
O Come Along / Dianne WilkinsonThe Cathedrals2:50
Step Into the Water / Kirk TalleyThe Cathedrals4:56
Your Blesser Ain't Never Been Blessed / Tracy DarttThe Cathedrals4:18
The Heavenly Parade / Adger M. PaceThe Cathedrals6:40
This Ole House / Stuart HamblenThe Cathedrals3:48
Life Will Be Sweeter Someday / Luther G. PresleyThe Cathedrals6:08
Oh, What a Savior / Marvin DaltonThe Cathedrals6:22
Jesus Saves / Debbie Bennett / Roger BennettThe Cathedrals5:52
I Thirst / Beverly LowryThe Cathedrals5:20
Because He Lives / Gloria Gaither / William J. GaitherThe Cathedrals1:52
Roger Bennett's TestimonyThe Cathedrals7:46
Don't Be Afraid / Debbie Bennett / Roger BennettThe Cathedrals4:00
There is a Fountain / William CowperThe Cathedrals2:28

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