The Kendalls - So Many Hits It's Sinful!

The Kendalls - So Many Hits It's Sinful!
Artist: The Kendalls
Duration: 31:56
Release Date: 1996
Album: So Many Hits It's Sinful!
Styles: Country-Pop, Traditional Country
Genre: Country
Heaven's Just a Sin Away / Jerry GillespieThe Kendalls2:32
Pittsburgh Stealers / Larry Kingston / Jim RushingThe Kendalls2:56
Sweet Desire / Jeannie Kendall / KendallThe Kendalls2:39
Just Like Real People / Mc Dill / Bob McDillThe Kendalls3:25
It Don't Feel Like Sinnin' to Me / Michael Kosser / Curly PutmanThe Kendalls2:40
Cryin' Time / Buck OwensThe Kendalls3:03
You'd Make an Angel Wanna Cheat / Bob Morrison / Bill Zerface / Jim ZerfaceThe Kendalls2:20
Thank God for the Radio / Max D. Barnes / Robert John JonesThe Kendalls3:01
I'm Already Blue / Bob McDillThe Kendalls2:42
I'd Dance Every Dance With You / Kevin WelchThe Kendalls2:21
Blue Blue Day / Don GibsonThe Kendalls2:02
I Had a Lovely Time / Don Cook / Sonny ThrockmortonThe Kendalls2:15

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