Andrew Gold - Thank You for Being a Friend: The Best of Andrew Gold

Andrew Gold - Thank You for Being a Friend: The Best of Andrew Gold
Recording Date: 1975 - 1996
Artist: Andrew Gold
Duration: 01:17:25
Release Date: June 24, 1997
Album: Thank You for Being a Friend: The Best of Andrew Gold
Styles: Contemporary Pop/Rock, Soft Rock
Genre: Pop\Rock

Thank You for Being a Friend: The Andrew Gold Collection is a comprehensive 20-track overview of Gold's career, featuring not only hits like "Lonely Boy," "Thank You for Being a Friend," and "The Final Frontier," but also an abundance of fine album tracks and two brand-new songs, "Can Anybody See You" and "The King of Showbiz." It may be a bit too much for the casual fan, but it's hard to imagine a more thorough Andrew Gold retrospective than this.

The Final Frontier / Paul Reiser / Don WasAndrew Gold1:35
Thank You for Being a Friend / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold4:42
Lonely Boy / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold4:23
Oh Urania (Take Me Away) / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold4:21
Never Let Her Slip Away / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold3:27
How Can This Be Love / Mark Goldenberg / Mark SafanAndrew Gold3:57
You're Free / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold4:08
Hope You Feel Good / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold4:46
One of Them Is Me / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold3:58
Kiss This One Goodbye / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold4:04
Go Back Home Again / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold3:12
Looking for My Love / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold3:37
Endless Flight / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold4:58
That's Why I Love You / Gene Garfin / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold3:10
Heartaches in Heartaches / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold3:13
Firefly / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold3:22
Passing Thing / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold4:09
Still You Linger On / Andrew GoldAndrew Gold3:20
Can Anybody See You / Andrew Gold / Graham GouldmanAndrew Gold4:11
The King of Showbiz / Graham GouldmanAndrew Gold4:52

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