Fantastic Plastic Machine - Luxury

Fantastic Plastic Machine - Luxury
Artist: Fantastic Plastic Machine
Duration: 01:03:37
Release Date: April 6, 1999
Album: Luxury
Styles: Alternative Dance, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Shibuya-Kei
Recording Location: Burnish Stone Recording Studio; Milo Studio, London, England; STudio Somewhere, Tokyo, Japan; Surprise Studio, Tokyo, Japan
Genre: Electronic

Tomoyuki Tanaka's second album as the Fantastic Plastic Machine, Luxury, multiplies the dance-club influences of its predecessor -- yet fans of that first record might not initially welcome the change. Where Fantastic Plastic Machine felt fresh and almost effortless, Luxury isn't the same glorious rush of sugary hooks and surprisingly elaborate beats. While Tanaka's productions are still impeccable, a few of the tracks feel aimless and repetitive (the album starts with a nine-minute mix of "There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart)," which repeats the same hook ad infinitum and doesn't work nearly as well outside of a club). But with repeated listens, it becomes clearer that Tanaka is also trying to push the boundaries of his sound, exploring more down-tempo territory and concentrating more on creating texture with his mixes. Some of the brighter pop numbers have a muted warmth that gives the illusion of vintage vinyl; there are more vocal effects employed, and more live instrumentation as well. Luxury may be a less immediate album than Fantastic Plastic Machine, but while it's also less consistent, there's still plenty to discover here.

Theme of Luxury / Masanori Ikeda / Tomoyuki TanakaFantastic Plastic Machine1:05
There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart) / Annie Lennox / Dave StewartFantastic Plastic Machine9:17
Honolulu, Calcutta / Tomoyuki TanakaFantastic Plastic Machine5:34
Electric Ladyland / Momoko Suzuki / Tomoyuki Tanaka / Masaki TsurugiFantastic Plastic Machine4:18
He Became a Beatnik / Tomoyuki TanakaFantastic Plastic Machine1:14
Bossa for Jackie / Simon Fisher / Tomoyuki Tanaka / Simon Fisher TurnerFantastic Plastic Machine3:38
You Must Learn All Night Long / Tomoyuki TanakaFantastic Plastic Machine6:20
Lotto / Andreas Dorau / Tomoyuki Tanaka / Masaki TsurugiFantastic Plastic Machine5:25
Satellite Beats / Tomoyuki TanakaFantastic Plastic Machine1:06
I've Forgotten My Fagotto / Tomoyuki Tanaka / Masaki TsurugiFantastic Plastic Machine2:54
The Girl Next Green Door / Tomoyuki TanakaFantastic Plastic Machine5:14
MPF / Tomoyuki Tanaka / Masaki TsurugiFantastic Plastic Machine3:19
Mr. Fantasy's Love / Tomoyuki Tanaka / Masaki TsurugiFantastic Plastic Machine6:09
Electric Ladyland / Tomoyuki Tanaka / Masaki TsurugiFantastic Plastic Machine4:21
Bossa for Jackie / Tomoyuki Tanaka / Masaki TsurugiFantastic Plastic Machine3:43

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