Tapestry - Song of Songs: Come into My Garden

Tapestry - Song of Songs: Come into My Garden
Recording Date: October 7, 1997 - October 10, 1997
Artist: Tapestry
Duration: 01:00:13
Release Date: June 16, 1998
Album: Song of Songs: Come into My Garden
Styles: Vocal Music, Gospel
Genre: Religious

A collection of Hebrew religious poetry from the Song of Songs, set to music by modern composers, Song of Songs: Come Into My Garden is one of Tapestry's most ambitious projects. Since the main emphasis here is on the beauty of the language, painstaking research went into the selection of the most authentic versions, with many drawn from medieval sources. The musical settings were contributed by the likes of Max Helfman, Ivan Moody, and William Sharlin, as well as Tapestry's own Shira Kammen, who handled a good chunk of the arrangements.

Canticum Canticorum l, for chorus
1. Surge, propera amica mea / Ivan MoodyTapestry2:19
2. Descendi in hortum meum / Ivan MoodyTapestry1:30
3. Ego dilecto meo / Ivan MoodyTapestry1:32
Yo m'asento en mi ventana (Sephardic instrumental)Tapestry1:53
Rex SalomonTapestry7:50
Uri Tsafon, Hebrew cantillationTapestry0:43
Awake, North Wind / Shira KammenTapestry3:01
Hinach Yafah, cantillation (from Song of Songs 4:1-7)Tapestry1:13
Shir HashirimTapestry2:05
Hinach Yafah, Hebrew cantillationTapestry0:45
O ecclesia occuli tui, sequence for Saint Ursula & her Companions / Hildegard von BingenTapestry9:09
Yonat B'chagvey, Hebrew cantillationTapestry0:52
Dodi Li / Nira Chen / TraditionalTapestry2:54
Osculetur Me (from St. Martial Repertory)Tapestry8:30
Hisbati Etchem, Hebrew cantillationTapestry5:15
Dilectus Meus (Weinhauser Liederbuch)Tapestry4:45
Kol Dodi, Hebrew cantillationTapestry1:22
Una matica de rudaTapestry2:41
Set Me As a Seal, for voice & pianoTapestry2:55

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