Bernie Williams - The Journey Within

Bernie Williams - The Journey Within
Artist: Bernie Williams
Duration: 58:15
Release Date: July 15, 2003
Album: The Journey Within
Styles: Contemporary Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Guitar Jazz, Jazz Instrument
Recording Location: Globe Studios, NY
Genre: Jazz

Take note! If there's one lively Latin-flavored guitar jazz disc by an all-star center fielder you must listen to this year, make it this one. Don't do it however, just for the novelty of a .300 career-hitting New York Yankee legend making music for a hometown-based label, but because his hobby comes loaded with great melodic ideas and some buoyant, snappy playing. No doubt many critics will see this as a sports celebrity vanity project, and much will be made of all the top musicians who jumped into the fray (Béla Fleck, David Sancious, T-Bone Wolk, Luis Conte), but Williams truly holds his own. The opening track, "La Salsa en Mi," is feisty Latin jamming with an instantly catchy melody, and sets a lofty standard that some of the mellower tracks simply can't match. High-spirited exotic sessions like that and the percussion-intense "Desvelado" run rings around more conventional but still engaging light funk-jazz tracks like "The Way" and the lush ballad "Just Because," whose contribution by labelmate pianist David Benoit is surprisingly subtle. Those who like simple fingerstyling may most enjoy the interlude "Samba Novo," while pop fans may best enjoy the mainstream readings of "Dust in the Wind" and Billy Joel's plaintive "And So It Goes." The best evidence that Williams can funk out as well as he can do salsa (remember, he's a native Puerto Rican) is the turbocharged fusion jam "Stranded on the Bridge." In contemporary jazz circles, Wayman Tisdale has made a successful move from basketball to bass. When Bernie Williams retires, more discs like this will ensure that he's more than a one-shot deal.

La Salsa en Mi / Bernie WilliamsBernie Williams4:37
The Way / John DeNicola / Patti MaloneyBernie Williams5:14
Para Don Berna / Bernie WilliamsBernie Williams3:23
Desvelado / Bernie WilliamsBernie Williams5:30
Just Because / Bernie WilliamsBernie Williams6:16
Samba Novo / Bernie WilliamsBernie Williams1:46
Dust in the Wind / Kerry LivgrenBernie Williams3:28
Stranded on the Bridge / Bernie WilliamsBernie Williams4:43
Bernie Jr. / Bernie WilliamsBernie Williams6:13
Enter the Bond / Bernie WilliamsBernie Williams5:03
And So It Goes / Billy JoelBernie Williams3:46
Just Because / Bernie WilliamsBernie Williams3:49
The Williams KidsBernie Williams4:27

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