Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson - I Want to Groove with You

Artist: Luther 'Guitar Junior' Johnson
Duration: 46:58
Release Date: 1990
Album: I Want to Groove with You
Styles: Modern Electric Blues, Modern Electric Chicago Blues, Regional Blues
Recording Location: Roseland; Tone Cool Studio
Genre: Blues

Now this is more like it. Johnson and his New England-based Magic Rockers sizzle the hide off the genre with tough West Side-styled grooves redolent of Johnson's Chicago upbringing but up-to-the-minute in their execution. With this set, Johnson fully came into his own as a recording artist.

Red Beans / Red GarlandLuther "Guitar Junior" Johnson3:37
Can't Get Along With You / Johnny ShinesLuther "Guitar Junior" Johnson3:28
I'm From Mississippi / Luther "Guitar Junior" JohnsonLuther "Guitar Junior" Johnson4:54
Luther's Boogie / Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson / TraditionalLuther "Guitar Junior" Johnson3:27
I Want to Groove With You / Luther "Guitar Junior" JohnsonLuther "Guitar Junior" Johnson3:51
Merry Christmas Baby / Lou Baxter / Charles Brown / Johnny MooreLuther "Guitar Junior" Johnson3:47
Graveyard Dogs / Jackie PayneLuther "Guitar Junior" Johnson5:52
Who's That Come Walkin' / Luther "Guitar Junior" JohnsonLuther "Guitar Junior" Johnson3:36
Young Boy Blues / Eddie TaylorLuther "Guitar Junior" Johnson3:26
Texas Cowboy / Luther "Guitar Junior" JohnsonLuther "Guitar Junior" Johnson3:36
Call Me Guitar Junior / Luther "Guitar Junior" JohnsonLuther "Guitar Junior" Johnson4:15
I'm Leaving Chicago / Luther "Guitar Junior" JohnsonLuther "Guitar Junior" Johnson3:05

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