Lucero - Serie 32

Lucero - Serie 32
Artist: Lucero
Duration: 01:39:56
Release Date: March 20, 2001
Album: Serie 32
Styles: Bolero, Mexican Traditions, Tejano, Western European Traditions
Genre: Latin

Part of Universal's Serie 32 series of double-disc best-of collections focusing on many of the most successful Latin artists of the 1990s. Each of the discs is filled to the brim with some of Lucero's most well-known songs. As economical and convenient as this series of albums is, even the slightest bit of liner notes would be beneficial. Universal goes out of its way to feature a seemingly countless array of artists from its Latin roster yet doesn't make an effort to tell you anything about them. However, as budget as the Serie 32 albums are in terms of packaging, the music is there and, in the end, that's what matters most.

Cariño de Mis Cariños / Alberto Cervantes / Rubén FuentesLucero3:24
Contigo O Sin Ti / José Manuel FigueroaLucero2:44
Tu Presa FacilLucero5:23
Corazón DuroLucero2:47
Verdad Que Duele / José Manuel FigueroaLucero2:35
Me Estoy Volviendo Loco / José Javier SolísLucero3:11
Me PidenLucero3:16
Desviste Mi Boca / Humberto EstradaLucero3:10
Corazón Lastimado / Isabel Leonor CovaLucero3:25
Besos de Amor / Rafael TorresLucero2:17
Antojo / Isabel Leonor CovaLucero2:05
Te Amare Toda la Vida / Enrique NavarroLucero3:07
No Vuelvas / Fernando MartinezLucero2:46
A Partir de Hoy / Humberto EstradaLucero3:58
El MilagroLucero2:06
Sera Que Estoy Enamorada / David BeigbederLucero3:10

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