Peter Neumann - Händel: Athalia, HWV 52

Peter Neumann - Händel: Athalia, HWV 52
Artist: Peter Neumann
Duration: 02:02:18
Release Date: 2004
Album: Händel: Athalia, HWV 52
Styles: Choral
Genre: Classical
Athalia, oratorio, HWV 52
Act 1. Sinfonia. 1. Allegro / 2. Grave / 3. AllegroPeter Neumann4:59
Act 1. Air. Blooming virginsPeter Neumann5:36
Act 1. Chorus. The rising world Jehovah crown'dPeter Neumann2:59
Act 1. Air and Chorus. Tyrants would in impious throngsPeter Neumann3:05
Act 1. Recitativo. When He is in his wrath reveal'dPeter Neumann0:10
Act 1. Air. 1. When storms the proud to terrors doom / 2. Oh Judah, boast his matchless lawPeter Neumann3:18
Act 1. Recitativo. Your sacred songsPeter Neumann0:21
Act 1. Accompagnato. Oh Judah, Judah! chosen seed!Peter Neumann1:03
Act 1. Air. 1. Oh Lord, whom we adore / 2. Hear from thy mercyPeter Neumann6:22
Act 1. Accompagnato. What scenes of horrorPeter Neumann1:09
Act 1. Recitativo. Oh Mathan, aid mePeter Neumann0:40
Act 1. Accompagnato. Athalia, tremble at thy fate!Peter Neumann0:37
Act 1. Chorus. The gods, who chosen blessings shedPeter Neumann1:41
Act 1. Recitativo. Her form at this beganPeter Neumann0:53
Act 1. Chorus. Cheer her, oh BaalPeter Neumann1:40
Act 1. Recitativo. Amidst these horrorsPeter Neumann1:25
Act 1. Air. Gentle airs, melodious strains!Peter Neumann3:07
Act 1. Air. Softest sounds no more can ease mePeter Neumann4:26
Act 1. Recitativo. Swift to the templePeter Neumann0:16
Act 1. Chorus. The traitor if you there descryPeter Neumann0:47
Act 1. Recitativo. My Josabeth!Peter Neumann1:23
Act 1. Air. Faithful cares in vain extendedPeter Neumann5:38
Act 1. Recitativo. O cease, fair princessPeter Neumann0:38
Act 1. Air and Chorus. 1. Gloomy tyrants / 2. HallelujahPeter Neumann4:23

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