Bamb - Scamster

Bamb - Scamster
Artist: Bamb
Duration: 37:27
Album: Scamster
Styles: Americana
Genre: Country
Studio LoveBamb0:47
Tap OutBamb2:28
Down on MeBamb3:35
It's the RainBamb3:11
Baby TenderBamb2:22
Perfect Little PeopleBamb3:40
Easy Thing to DoBamb3:43
Mr. D.Bamb1:16
Disposable ManBamb2:47
Fallen SonBamb4:05
Bacon Burger BabyBamb1:38
That's LifeBamb3:20
Go Vikinks (Sven's Got Something to Say)Bamb2:18

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