Fall River - Lights Out

Fall River - Lights Out
Artist: Fall River
Duration: 25:36
Release Date: November 8, 2005
Album: Lights Out
Recording Location: Black Lodge Studios, Eudora, KS; Valencia Studios, Brookville, MD
Genre: Pop\Rock
My Heart, the Beggar / Fall RiverFall River3:05
The President Has Been Kidnapped by Ninjas / Fall RiverFall River3:01
I'm Not a Big Fan of Parentheses (Burn Baby, Burn) / Fall RiverFall River1:39
If We Knew Then What We Know Now / Fall RiverFall River3:34
The Boards / Fall RiverFall River0:46
Cash Out / Fall RiverFall River2:49
This Room's a Revolution / Fall RiverFall River2:17
Dead Ends and U-Turns / Fall RiverFall River3:29
Hands in the Air / Fall RiverFall River2:23
DNA of a Liar / Fall RiverFall River2:33

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