Shrimp Boat - Duende

Shrimp Boat - Duende
Artist: Shrimp Boat
Duration: 48:58
Release Date: March 6, 1992
Album: Duende
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Experimental Rock, Indie Rock, Post-Rock
Recording Location: Idful Music Corp., Chicago, IL
Genre: Pop\Rock

With Duende, Shrimp Boat's wide-eyed fascination with the scattershot strands of American musical tradition congeals into a remarkably vivid and engaging whole -- encompassing pop, jazz, country and seemingly everything in between, it's a laconic potluck of sounds which sounds like nothing so much as a postmodern Music from Big Pink. Between the jaunty Eastern European rhythms of the aptly titled opener "Back to the Ukraine" and the free-form sax blowing of the finale "Tartar's Mark," Duende also detours into old-timey melancholia ("Sad Banjo"), late-night pop ("I Swear, Happy Days Are Mine") and even reggae ("Limerick"), all with a casual disregard for the confines of structure and form; although they borrow from everywhere, Shrimp Boat sounds quite like no one else, making music that gives back as much as it takes.

Back to the UkraineShrimp Boat1:30
Jing JingShrimp Boat3:21
Sad BanjoShrimp Boat4:10
I Swear, Happy Days Are MineShrimp Boat3:08
River of WineShrimp Boat4:02
Duende 54Shrimp Boat0:56
Sunday Crawls AlongShrimp Boat3:27
LimerickShrimp Boat4:30
DuendeShrimp Boat2:02
Rock Me BabyShrimp Boat4:39
ChimpShrimp Boat1:32
BumblebeesShrimp Boat2:13
New Song WaltzShrimp Boat3:26
Van BurenShrimp Boat3:07
Malva RositaShrimp Boat3:25
Tartar's MarkShrimp Boat3:30

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