Dave Mathis - Blues Police

Dave Mathis - Blues Police
Artist: Dave Mathis
Duration: 40:14
Release Date: September 14, 2003
Album: Blues Police
Genre: Jazz
My BabeDave Mathis3:17
You Talk to MeanDave Mathis3:38
The WolfDave Mathis3:23
Goin' Away BabyDave Mathis4:23
Harold's RequestDave Mathis3:19
St. James InfirmaryDave Mathis5:10
Smiling on a Windy DayDave Mathis3:33
Hey Hey BabyDave Mathis4:31
Speckle Head RagDave Mathis2:52
It Ain't RightDave Mathis3:28
The SprawlDave Mathis2:40

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