Cold Cold Hearts - Cold Cold Hearts

Cold Cold Hearts - Cold Cold Hearts
Recording Date: December, 1996
Artist: Cold Cold Hearts
Duration: 21:54
Release Date: April 8, 1997
Album: Cold Cold Hearts
Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock
Recording Location: Let's Rain Studios, Arlington, VA
Genre: Pop\Rock

Cold Cold Hearts is pretty much the sort of work you'd expect from the band's members: Allison Wolfe and Erin Smith of Bratmobile on vocals and guitar, bass player Nattles (who quickly went on to Mark Robinson's Flin Flon; Robinson produces here), and others. Bratmobile's single-note guitar thrash and sneering vocals are still present, but with a much fuller sound. The same scratchy basslines that would anchor Flin Flon's A-Ok (and Robinson's production in general) add a jerky angularity to the mix that makes a lot of other thrashy female collectives look remarkably dated. The result is a solid entry into the contemporary tradition of post-riot grrrl Northwestern rock.

VxRxCold Cold Hearts1:41
Any Resemblance...Cold Cold Hearts2:04
5 Signs: ScorpioCold Cold Hearts1:44
Cute Boy DiscountCold Cold Hearts3:17
Broken TeethCold Cold Hearts2:06
Lady! Reversible! (Alleged.)Cold Cold Hearts1:41
Maybe ScabiesCold Cold Hearts1:44
1-2-3... Many!Cold Cold Hearts1:45
Sorry Yer Band Band Sux (Rebels Without a Brains)Cold Cold Hearts2:10
(You're So Sweet) Baby DonutCold Cold Hearts1:26
State Trooper in the Left Lane, Nattles!Cold Cold Hearts2:16

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