Lynn White - At Her Best

Lynn White - At Her Best
Artist: Lynn White
Duration: 57:36
Release Date: March 5, 1996
Album: At Her Best
Styles: Soul
Genre: R&B

At Her Best contains 13 (this time lucky) of Lynn White's sauciest tracks. There is straight, unapologetic southern soul on every cut. A medley of "Slow and Easy"/"Take Me to the Mountain" gets the disc off and flying. She does justice to two Homer Banks and Lester Snell songs, "In the Wrong" and "Home Girl." Hard-hitting remakes of "Cheatin' in the Next Room" and "Your Time to Cry" are a bonus; not a bad track in the lot. It's a crime this music doesn't get more exposure.

Slow and Easy/Take Me to the Mountain Top / Benny Latimore / Earl RandleLynn White feat: Willie Clayton7:26
You Left Your Homework Undone / Lynn WhiteLynn White4:03
Home Girl / Homer Banks / Lester SnellLynn White4:13
Lonely Woman on the Loose / George JacksonLynn White3:46
Back in the Streets Again / George Jackson / John WardLynn White4:10
My Sex Machine / Marshall "Rock" JonesLynn White4:52
Cheatin' in the Next Room / George JacksonLynn White4:32
A Losing Battle / Mac RebennackLynn White4:23
In the Wrong / Homer Banks / Lester SnellLynn White3:45
May the Best Man Win / George JacksonLynn White feat: J. Blackfoot4:15
I Didn't Make My Move to Soon / Lynn WhiteLynn White3:07
Your Time to Cry / Raeford Gerald / Joe SimonLynn White4:46
Blues in My Bedroom / Ike Darby / Lynn WhiteLynn White4:18

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