PSK-13 - Pay Like You Weigh 5000: Screwed

PSK-13 - Pay Like You Weigh 5000: Screwed
Artist: PSK-13
Duration: 01:13:43
Release Date: October 12, 1999
Album: Pay Like You Weigh 5000: Screwed
Styles: Gangsta Rap
Recording Location: Swisha House
Genre: Rap
What's Real / Gangsta Gangsta / King James / PSK-13PSK-135:33
Don't Push Me / C-Loc / PSK-13PSK-13 feat: C-Loc5:25
Bumpheadz / Ice Lord / PSK-13PSK-13 feat: Ice Lord5:18
Fo' Sheazy / PSK-13PSK-13 feat: Lil' Keke3:37
Will You Be Ready? / PSK-13PSK-13 feat: Lil Flea4:51
Lac'em DownPSK-132:45
Slipped into a ComaPSK-131:09
Call the Coroner / Ice Lord / PSK-13PSK-135:11
ConfessionsPSK-13 feat: 20-2-Life4:47
See Me Again / PSK-13PSK-13 feat: DJ Screw5:15
Like YesterdayPSK-13 feat: UGK4:46
Backstreets / 20-2-Life / PSK-13PSK-13 feat: 20-2-Life6:12
Hustlin' Ain't Easy / PSK-13PSK-13 feat: Point Black5:11
Real NiggazPSK-137:41
Material Life / Klondike Kat / Ice Lord / PSK-13PSK-13 feat: Klondike Kat / Ice Lord6:02

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