Bill Doggett - Wow!

Bill Doggett - Wow!
Recording Date: October 31, 1964 - November 17, 1964
Artist: Bill Doggett
Duration: 34:06
Release Date: 1965
Album: Wow!
Styles: Early R&B, Soul Jazz, Jazz Blues, Jump Blues
Recording Location: Bell Sound, New York, NY
Genre: R&B

This 1965 set by organist Bill Doggett's band is well-played and spirited but quite lightweight.

The nine selections are mostly blues-oriented jams without any memorable melodies, stirring solos, or moments that lift the program above the routine. The rather brief results are pleasant and groovin' but rather predictable.

Wow! / Bill DoggettBill Doggett2:36
Oo-Da / Bill DoggettBill Doggett3:52
Or Mose Blues / Bill DoggettBill Doggett8:06
Happy Soul Time / Bill DoggettBill Doggett2:48
The Kicker / Bill DoggettBill Doggett2:42
Mudeat / Bill DoggettBill Doggett2:36
Ram-Bunk-Shush / Henry Glover / Lucky Millinder / Jimmy MundyBill Doggett3:12
Slow Walk / Sil Austin / Irv SidersBill Doggett3:35
Fatso / Bill DoggettBill Doggett4:39

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