The Lucy Show - Remembrances

The Lucy Show - Remembrances
Recording Date: December, 1983
Artist: The Lucy Show
Duration: 01:11:40
Release Date: 2012
Album: Remembrances
Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock
Genre: Pop\Rock

The complement to Words on Music's reissue of the band's two full-lengths, Remembrances scoops up a slew of singles, rarities, and demos.

It's a classic patchwork compilation that features plenty of missteps, but what works shows off the band's passionately dreamy post-punk nicely enough. The opening "Leonardo da Vinci" is definitely in Big Music territory with all the echo and aim at grandeur, almost laughably so. But by the time of their demo version of "History Part 1," a purring keyboard part and heavy drumming helping back vocals nodding less to Bono and much more to Robert Smith, things start to take a clearer and more enjoyable shape. Various solo or duet demos abound, such as Mark Bandola's "Come Back to the Living" and "The Twister," as well as snippets of bedroom recordings among a bulk of tracks from the band's own basement rehearsal studio. They generally favor keyboards and the rhythm section in practice, turning the songs into something almost approaching what would later be called minimal wave given the basic demo recording quality. One early song, "Kill the Beast," features guitarist Peter Barraclough's sole released lead vocal, a reasonably restrained breathlessness, while his demo for "The Lady Lies There" starts off serenely before becoming a frenetic clip of late-'70s synth hyperactivity backing his singing. The collection concludes with two 1993 cuts from a planned reunion EP of sorts -- it's not quite grunge or shoegaze but it's interesting to hear a rougher guitar tone at work on "She's Going Down" alternately with a bit of dreaminess.

Leonardo da Vinci [7” Version] / VanDeVen / Rob VandevenThe Lucy Show3:38
Kill the Beast / Peter BarracloughThe Lucy Show3:41
History Part 1 [Norwood Version] / VanDeVen / Rob VandevenThe Lucy Show4:22
Prove It / VanDeVen / Rob VandevenThe Lucy Show4:45
Come Back to the Living [Demo] / Mark BandolaThe Lucy Show3:54
Undone [Demo] / VanDeVen / Rob VandevenThe Lucy Show4:32
The Twister (Blueprint) / Mark BandolaThe Lucy Show3:55
7 Hours/Remembrances [Demo] / Mark BandolaThe Lucy Show4:46
Better on the Hard Side [Demo] / VanDeVen / Rob VandevenThe Lucy Show6:38
The Lady Lies There / Peter BarracloughThe Lucy Show4:07
The Price of Love [Hoxton Square Version] / VanDeVen / Rob VandevenThe Lucy Show4:47
See It Goes [Parson’s Green Version] / VanDeVen / Rob VandevenThe Lucy Show4:50
Lap of the Gods / Peter BarracloughThe Lucy Show3:25
Waiting for YouThe Lucy Show3:41
Only Moments Away / Mark BandolaThe Lucy Show2:40
She’s Going Down / VanDeVen / Rob VandevenThe Lucy Show4:09
Where It All Comes Down / Mark BandolaThe Lucy Show3:50

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