Anne McCue - Broken Promise Land

Anne McCue - Broken Promise Land
Artist: Anne McCue
Duration: 43:20
Album: Broken Promise Land
Styles: Blues-Rock
Genre: Pop\Rock
Don't Go to Texas (Without Me) / Anne McCueAnne McCue3:30
Ol' Black Sky / Anne McCueAnne McCue5:20
Lonesome Child / Anne McCueAnne McCue3:36
The Lonely One / Tony Kerr / Anne McCueAnne McCue3:56
God's Home Number / B. WattsAnne McCue4:22
Cruisin' Paradise (Tenerife)Anne McCue4:25
Broken Promise Land / Jess Leary / Anne McCueAnne McCue2:58
Motorcycle Dream / Amelia WhiteAnne McCue4:27
The Old Man's Talkin' / Anne McCueAnne McCue6:27
Rock 'n' Roll OutlawAnne McCue4:19

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