Travis Swackhammer - Camouflaged Collage

Travis Swackhammer - Camouflaged Collage
Artist: Travis Swackhammer
Duration: 49:52
Release Date: February 7, 2008
Album: Camouflaged Collage
Genre: Folk
You're in the Navy BoyTravis Swackhammer4:29
She Is a Lonely OneTravis Swackhammer6:07
Good Timin CandyTravis Swackhammer3:21
Ol' Covered BridgeTravis Swackhammer4:40
Prayin for Your ReturnTravis Swackhammer2:48
Boogie Woogie Kazzoo BluesTravis Swackhammer4:39
Calling out to YouTravis Swackhammer3:30
Wild FlowerTravis Swackhammer3:43
Mother EarthTravis Swackhammer5:36
VampirTravis Swackhammer4:31
Turned to DustTravis Swackhammer3:07
The Devil's PotionTravis Swackhammer3:21

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