Brent Santin - Sounds Like the 19th Century

Brent Santin - Sounds Like the 19th Century
Artist: Brent Santin
Duration: 48:17
Release Date: October 25, 2006
Album: Sounds Like the 19th Century
Genre: Folk
The White Cockade/Kingdom Coming/The Liberty Two-StepBrent Santin3:51
Hard Times Come Again No MoreBrent Santin3:43
Sounds of TransportationBrent Santin0:55
Leave Her Johnny, Leave HerBrent Santin2:51
The Winding Way/Duke of Kent's March/Reel du ForgeronBrent Santin4:40
Sounds of the TradesBrent Santin0:58
Battle of the WindmillBrent Santin2:27
Sounds of WarBrent Santin0:44
Come All Ye Bold CanadiansBrent Santin3:17
Sounds of Farm AnimalsBrent Santin0:55
Louis Riel's SongBrent Santin3:36
Annie Laurie/Loch Lomond/The Connaught Man's RamblesBrent Santin5:21
Sounds of MillingBrent Santin0:47
The Miller's Reel/Jenny Dang the WeaverBrent Santin3:49
Sounds of Domestic LifeBrent Santin0:58
Rosin the BeauBrent Santin4:30
A Scarborough Settler's LamentBrent Santin3:21
Mhairi Ban Og (Pipe Tune)Brent Santin1:34

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