Ólafur Arnalds - LateNightTales

Ólafur Arnalds - LateNightTales
Artist: Ólafur Arnalds
Duration: 01:09:14
Release Date: June 24, 2016
Album: LateNightTales
Styles: Indie Electronic, Ambient, Experimental Techno, Alternative/Indie Rock, Neo-Classical, Techno
Genre: Electronic

Ólafur Arnalds' installment of the LateNightTales mix series is typically eclectic and unpredictable, functioning as a dreamlike collage geared for after-hours listening rather than the average mix CD intended to replicate a club DJ's set. As with most artists who are approached to create a volume of the series, neo-classical composer Arnalds is from far outside the world of DJ culture, so his mix has a much different sense of pacing than one by a typical DJ. It starts out with a very grainy recording of an Icelandic folk tune before shifting into the weightless, ethereal vocals of Julianna Barwick.

It doesn't take too long before the mix turns to beat-driven material, and the tracks are generally midtempo and combine electronic and acoustic elements along with delicate melodies. Jamie xx's remix of Four Tet's "Lion" stands out with its combination of sparse pianos, heavy U.K. garage beats, and miles of open space. Halfway through, the mix takes a turn for the sad and weepy, with a track from James Blake's second album followed by lo-fi alt-R&B Internet sensation Spooky Black. Arnalds and collaborator Arnór Dan contribute a melodramatic string and piano cover of Destiny's Child's inescapable hit "Say My Name," which seems intent on completely sucking out all the joy and playfulness of the original and turning it into a morose dirge. The next few selections step away from vocals, and they include previously unreleased pieces from Kiasmos (Arnalds' techno duo with Bloodgroup's Janus Rasmussen) and Arnalds himself.

Then the mix gets even more dejected with an over-emotive, endless piano ballad by Icelandic group Hjaltalín. As with most of the LateNightTales compilations, this one ends with a spoken word story, ending with the proclamation "You've been listening to LateNightTales, music and stories worth staying up for." Considering the emotional arc of this mix, it seems likely that the listener will have fallen asleep crying by that point. There's some fine music on it, but it's not recommended if you're expecting pleasant dreams.

Jómsvíkingarímur: Ýta feldi eigi rórÓlafur Arnalds feat: Jónbjörn Gíslason / Hjálmar Lárusson1:08
Forever / Julianna BarwickÓlafur Arnalds feat: Julianna Barwick4:24
Last Remnants / Lewis RobertsÓlafur Arnalds feat: Koreless4:04
How Did I Get Here? [Instrumental] [Late Night Tales Exclusive] / Harrison MillsÓlafur Arnalds feat: ODESZA1:40
A Noise / Anne Baier / Lars KranholdtÓlafur Arnalds feat: Anois3:56
Góða Tungl / Jófríður Ákadóttir / Póröur Kári SteinpórssonÓlafur Arnalds feat: Samaris4:05
RGB [Late Night Tales Exclusive] / Ólafur ArnaldsÓlafur Arnalds3:41
Pre / Ryan Lee WestÓlafur Arnalds feat: Rival Consoles / Ryan Lee West3:52
Lion [Jamie xx Remix] / Kieran HebdenÓlafur Arnalds feat: Four Tet5:36
Jasmine [Demo] / Jai Paul / Anup PaulÓlafur Arnalds feat: Jai Paul4:05
Our Love Comes Back / James BlakeÓlafur Arnalds feat: James Blake3:36
Pull / Kid Hnrk / Corbin SmidzikÓlafur Arnalds feat: Spooky Black4:00
Say My Name [Exclusive Destiny's Child Cover Version] / LaShawn Daniels / Fred "Uncle Freddie" Jerkins III / Rodney Jerkins / Beyoncé Knowles / LeToya Luckett / LaTavia Roberson / Kelly RowlandÓlafur Arnalds4:57
And Still They Move / Sarah Neufeld / Colin StetsonÓlafur Arnalds feat: Sarah Neufeld / Colin Stetson2:52
Orgoned [Late Night Tales Exclusive] / Ólafur Arnalds / Janus RasmussenÓlafur Arnalds feat: Kiasmos5:20
Kinesthesia I [Late Night Tales Exclusive] / Ólafur ArnaldsÓlafur Arnalds1:22
Ethereal / Högni EgilssonÓlafur Arnalds feat: Hjaltalin6:50
Undone [Exclusive Spoken Word] / Anam SufiÓlafur Arnalds feat: David Tennant3:46

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