Edward Downes - Wagner: Orchestral Music from the Operas

Edward Downes - Wagner: Orchestral Music from the Operas
Artist: Edward Downes
Duration: 01:09:07
Release Date: 2005
Album: Wagner: Orchestral Music from the Operas
Styles: Opera
Genre: Classical

In some other repertoire recorded with some other conductor and some orchestra, these might have been considered reasonably effective performances. But as performances of Wagner with Edward Downes conducting the BBC Philharmonic recorded in 2005, these are, at best, deeply mediocre performances. If Downes and the BBC had performed, say, orchestral music from the operas of Rimsky-Korsakov, the competition would have been less imposing. But by performing orchestral music from the operas of the most popular German opera composer of all time, Downes and the BBC are in competition with virtually every conductor and orchestra in the history of recording, and they are outclassed by almost all of them. How can Downes and the BBC contend with Furtwängler or Knappertsbusch or Klemperer or Kraus or Kleiber, to name but a few? The answer, of course, is that they can't, and even with clean digital sound, these performances are hardly worth the time it takes to listen to them.

Lohengrin, opera, WWV 75
Act 3. PreludeEdward Downes3:20
Act 1. PreludeEdward Downes10:57
Rienzi, der Letzte der Tribunen, opera, WWV 49
OvertureEdward Downes13:41
Tannhäuser, opera, WWV 70
Act 3. PreludeEdward Downes8:23
Parsifal, opera, WWV 111
Act 1. PreludeEdward Downes13:17
Tristan und Isolde, opera, WWV 90
PreludeEdward Downes11:54
LiebestodEdward Downes7:35

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