Justin Wilson - How Y'all Are?

Justin Wilson - How Y'all Are?
Artist: Justin Wilson
Duration: 50:59
Release Date: 2013
Album: How Y'all Are?
Styles: Comedy
Genre: Comedy\Spoken
The Definiton of a CajunJustin Wilson4:31
The Backwards FarmerJustin Wilson1:57
The Cold, Cold, CajunJustin Wilson3:25
The Non-Reckless DriverJustin Wilson0:49
The Long Stairway To the HouseJustin Wilson1:34
The Courageous CajunJustin Wilson2:32
The Keeping God AliveJustin Wilson2:08
The Key To Fire InsuranceJustin Wilson2:39
The MarksmanJustin Wilson3:57
A Forced Reciprocal AgreementJustin Wilson1:12
A Proof of SobrietyJustin Wilson2:16
The Misplaced PatriotsJustin Wilson1:42
The Curious BarmaidJustin Wilson2:39
The Eggs EliminatedJustin Wilson2:00
A Favor ReturnedJustin Wilson1:44
The Infallible PointerJustin Wilson1:57
The Dog That Couldn't SwimJustin Wilson4:55
The Illiterate Duck HunterJustin Wilson4:39
The Alligator With No ShoesJustin Wilson1:39
The 10-Year Old Who Saw A MiracleJustin Wilson2:44

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